Our amazing breakfast

Four key points describe breakfasts at Rocore Naha as follows:

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    An extensive menu consisting of more than 50 different options

    We serve a huge variety of Japanese, Western, and local Ryukyu dishes and more.

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    A menu that would delight those who prefer a light meal in the morning

    There are plenty of options made with healthy ingredients for healthy living!

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    An attractive setting for eating breakfast

    This restaurant consists of a safe and secure open kitchen and sophisticated dining area for guests.


An extensive menu consisting of more than 50 different options

A huge variety of Japanese, Western, and local Ryukyu dishes and more await!

A full breakfast buffet with dishes that are always freshly prepared is set up for guests! In addition to salads and fruits, we offer standard Japanese fare and Western dishes for those who prefer bread in the morning, along with a fantastic array of standard Okinawan dishes found only in these parts to round out an impressive lineup of options!

A selection of dishes that you simply will not tire of even if you stay multiple nights in a row

Eat whatever you are in the mood for on a given day, such as by savoring Western choices on your first day and Japanese dishes on your second day.

Sample an extensive lineup of local cuisine

Breakfast is an opportunity to enjoy a variety of Okinawan dishes that are unique to Okinawa.

Japanese, Western, and Okinawan dishes are available

A full lineup of breakfast dishes will fire you up for the day ahead.

Start your day off on a happy note with our sweets!

A chocolate fondue helps to make your breakfast truly special!

Baby food is also available

We also serve baby food to guests with infants or toddlers in tow. Let us know in advance if you wish to take advantage of this service.

Takeout coffee

A service that is certainly appreciated by staying guests! After your meal, bring some coffee back to your room for a breather.



Top picks by our staff! A ranking of local cuisine recommended just for you

Sea grape salad

A crunchy texture makes umi-budo, or sea grapes, a popular choice.

Rafute (Okinawan braised pork belly)

An unembellished braised pork belly that is fork-tender to the touch.


Seiro-mushi is a popular way to enjoy steamed vegetables for a simple, healthy option.

An extensive lineup of other local dishes and ingredients can also be savored!

Goya champuru
Ninjin shiri-shiri
Fuu champuru
Kuubu irichii
Somen champuru
Gurukun tempura
Yushi tofu
Mimigar salad
Papaya irichii
Hibiscus tea
Brown sugar soy milk

*The menu is subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.



Popular with those who would prefer a light meal in the morning! Freshly baked bread and local butter

Enjoy piping hot bread baked right in front of guests. A tantalizing aroma in the air is sure to whet your appetite. Savor with coffee made with freshly ground beans.

A wide variety of salads and a fantastic array of fruits one can only find in a tropical setting!

A sizeable salad corner is where you can find a huge variety of island ingredients, including mozuku seaweed, handama (type of spinach), and island tofu salad!
The fruit corner presents a selection of tropical fruits from which you can obtain plenty of vitamins to greet the new day with vigor.


An attractive setting for eating breakfast

An open kitchen for safety and peace of mind

The sounds of cooking and preparation work, delicious aromas, and the handiwork of dedicated chefs.
Freshly produced breakfast dishes emerge from an open kitchen whose design allows guests to watch their food being prepared.

Sophisticated dining area inspired by the five continents

A stylish Asian setting with earth colors is imbued with vivid splashes of purple and yellow to convey a heightened sense of opulence.

Opening hours
6:30 – 10:00 a.m. (doors close at 9:30 a.m.)
Adults(junior high-school student or older) ¥2090
Children(elementary school student) ¥1045

*Preschool children are free.
*Prices include tax.
*The contents of dishes and prices are subject to change on special days (such as the first three days of the New Year’s holiday period).